Boating Accessories

Inflatable Boat Fenders and Boat Bumpers.

Big Bumper Company brings you the most effective boat bumpers and boat fenders ever created. Our Big Bumpers come in multiple lengths and diameters and are perfect for private boat docks, marinas and tying up to other boats. And they’re customizable – add your logo or a graphic! Watch a Video of Big Boat Bumpers:

In 1995 we added car wash equipment sales. At first, we were reluctant to get in to the equipment business because all we ever heard was how “bad” everyone was. We felt that this was a great opportunity for a service minded company. We started with Pur Clean RO Systems and quickly saw the opportunity to grow, as long as we still provided the service we were known for.

Never tie a knot again!

Are you tired of fighting to tie a knot to secure your water craft, camping gear, trailer load etc…?
Danik Hook will certainly cure your frustration. With a push of a the lever and a slide of the line you will have your items secure and held in place. Adjusting your line length has never been easier!

Don’s Marine services and sells new and used boats, motors, and snowmobiles. Located just 2 miles from Lake Wisconsin and right off the Lodi snowmobile trail, it’s easily accessible and provides a one-stop convenience for all your needs!

We’re not here to make your head spin. We ARE here to help you get the job done. So what we have done is create a simple straightforward approach to taking care of your detailing needs. Keep it simple and make it work.